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Backlinks have come to be a prime division of SEO (search engine optimization) the previous few years. There is a lot of software accessible that will automate the whole back linking operation. Whenever you have your own website, this is where most of these spam posts come from. This article will receive a massive amount of traffic and the truth is it doesn't really have anything important. You can achieve the same by doing what I'm about to teach you. More and more folks are beginning to use these to build up backlinks to their sites with automated backlinking programs. The programs scrape the internet utilizing keywords and posts common comments with a link back to their website. They look for various 'footprints' that tell the systems software it accepts comments. Here is what you could do. Create a blurb or blog post where you will have a list of these footprints (listed below). Index your article with Google and other significant search engines. When all these programs start scouring the internet, they will come up on your blurb and you will get free traffic from all over the place, improving your analytics and alexa score. Set your write-up to not receive comments so you don't have to see any spam on their. The software will omit your page and move on - you just received free visitors! To keep track of your visitors you can use Google Analytics. Here is a list of footprints for the automated scrapers: "Powered by Movable Type Leave A Comment " "Powered by Movable Type Leave A Reply " "Leave a Reply Name required will not be published Website " "CommentLuv Enabled OREnable CommentLuv " "This site uses KeywordLuv " "Comments links could be nofollow free " "Top Commenter ORTop Commenters " "Leave a comment " "Write a Comment " "Add a comment " "Add comment " "inurl:/index.php?option=com_wordpress " "inurl:p=*&option=com_wordpress&Itemid=* " "Allow users to contact you through a message form leave a comment " "Powered by Movable Type You may use HTML tags for style " "powered by wordpress personal page(if any) " "Lascia un Commento " "Dejar un comentario " "Dejar un comentario Sin comentarios. " "Dodaj komentarz " "Dodaj komentarz Brak komentarzy. " "Einen Kommentar hinterlassen " "Es gibt noch keine Kommentare. " "Jejak balik Tinggalkan komen " "Lascia un commento " "Lascia un commento Non c'? ancora nessun commento. " "Leave a comment No comments yet. " "Lini nj? koment Ende pa komente. " "Lisa kommentaar Kommentaare veel pole. " "Zostaw komentarz " "Nome: Mail (che non verr? pubblicata) Sito web (obbligatorio) " "Podpis: E-mail (nie zostanie upubliczniony) Strona internetowa (wymagane) " "Skriv en kommentar " "Skriv en kommentar Endnu ingen kommentarer. " "Tagasisideviide Lisa kommentaar " "Tinggalkan komen Tiada komen. " "Tinggalkan komentar Belum ada komentar. " "Have your say XHTML: You can use these tags " "There are no comments yet. Be the first and leave a response! " "Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked " "Din epostadress delas eller publiceras aldrig Obligatoriska f?lt ?r markerade med " "comment moderation is enabled and may delay your comment " "You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site. " "Hinterlasse eine Antwort " "add new comment what is the first word in the phrase " "Laat een reactie achter " "Comment moderation is enabled and may delay your comment " "There is no need to resubmit your comment " "Benachrichtige mich ?ber nachfolgende Kommentare " "Leave a Reply " "Add your comment " "You may use these HTML tags and attributes " "Incoming Search terms " "Incoming search terms for the article " "You can leave a response or trackback from your own site. " "trackback from your own site " "Trackback URI for this " "TrackBack URL for this " "using the following Trackback link " "Trackback Dejar un comentario " "Trackback Dodaj komentarz " "Trackback Einen Kommentar hinterlassen " "Trackback Komentiraj " "Trackback Kommentera " "Trackback Lascia un commento " "Trackback Muhokamada qatnashing " "Trackback Skriv en kommentar " "Trackbacks Deja un comentario " "Trackback f?r spezifische URI dieses Eintrags " "Trackback URL for this blog entry " "Powered by 4images Post Comment " "powered by plogger Post a comment " "Image Info Full Size ZenPhoto comment Private comment: " "Nucleus CMS Add Comment HTTP Remember Me " "Powered by LifeType Add comment Your personal" "Powered by vBulletin" "Powered by phpBB" "Powered By MyBB Return to Content | Lite (Archive) Mode" "Powered by fluxbb" "Powered by XennoBB Xenno Group" "Powered by UseBB 1 Forum Software" "Powered by XMB" "mail address will not be published Powered by WordPress" "Powered by Joomla! Write comment Website" "Your email address will not be revealed on this site. Leave a comment" "Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically." "Powered by 4images Author Comment" "Powered By BlogEngine Add A Comment Name*" "site* Post a New Comment" "Built using the SharePoint Comments" "Powered by Geeklog The following comments are owned" "Powered by Plogger Post a comment" "Powered by Movable Type Post a comment" "powered by wordpress Leave A Comment intitle" "powered by wordpress Leave a Reply intitle" "Add New Comment" "add a comment" "Leave a comment" "'Leave a Reply''Name required''Mail (will not be published) required''Website'" "inurlannouncements" "comentar" "R?pondre a cet article" "Scrivi commento" "Reply or Comment" "Post new comment" "A hozz?sz?l?shoz regisztr?ci? ?s bel?p?s sz?ks?ges" "Add Comment" "Login or register to post comments" "Ajouter un commentaire" "Login or register to post or rate comments" "Sign in to comment on this entry" "Write a comment" "Dejar un comentario" "Pridat koment?r" "Koment?re" "respond to post" "Leave a Reply" "Commenter" "Please login to be post comments!" "Comments (You may use HTML tags for style" "Post a Comment" "blog comments powered by Disqus" "?crire un commentaire" "Comments (You may use HTML tags for style" "Leave a new comment" "Comment on the Post" "Related content" "Enter your comment" "Comments on this entry" "Anade un comentario" "Dodaj nowa odpowiedz" "Dozwolone znaczniki"

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